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Deliveries within Brussels
PedalBXL is, first and foremost, a company specialising on urgent and extremely urgent deliveries within urban areas. In fact, our service area is to all the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

If you need a package delivered, or an important document signed, we are there for you! Terms like traffic jams, bad weather or “being blocked” are not part of our lexicon. Day after day, we prove that bicycle couriers can offer a speed of service that cannot be matched by motorised transport. In peak business hours, cars, vans, taxis – even motorbikes – only see our rear wheel disappearing into the distance while drivers sit in a traffic jam with your urgent documents.

For a more detailed explanation of our delivery service, please open the tab Express Courier Service

Our Passion for Cycling

Cycling has a remarkable standing in our modern society. It has been, and will be for millions and millions of people, the best alternative for their daily commute.

As a sustainable solution it is potential is unlimited. It represents an entire lifestyle for many. Needless to say, it has an iconic status in the world of sports, with all its heroes and dramas.

Since we are passionate cyclists, we are involved in all the layers our cycling culture has to offer. Our team has elite level racers, randonneurs, tour guides, bike mechanics – and riders who have been on two wheels for decades. These are people whose lifestyles are deeply rooted in cycling. If you need something to be delivered now or you are just attracted of the beauty of cycling, please take a look at our website. We are sure we have something to offer you.

Chain Infinity!