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Pedal is first and foremost a company specialized on urgent and extremely urgent deliveries on urban areas. In fact our service area is all the 19 municipalities of Brussels.

If you need a package to be delivered or an important document to be signed, we are there for you! Terms like traffic jam, bad weather or “being blocked” do not belong to our dictionary. For more detailed explanation of our delivery service please open the tab Express Service.

Cycling has a remarkable standing in our modern society. It has and will be for millions and millions of peoples life, the best alternative for their daily commute. As a sustainable solution it`s potent is unlimited. It represents a whole lifestyle for many. Needless to say the iconic status it has in the world of sports with all of it`s heroes and dramas.

Since we are passionate cyclists we are involved in the above mentioned layers of which the cycling culture has to offer. On our team we have racers on elite levels, randonneurs, tour guides, bike mechanics…people who`s lifestyle is deeply rooted in cycling. If you need something to be delivered NOW or you are just attracted of the beauty of cycling please take a look at our website and we are sure we have something to offer to you.

Chain Infinity!

Upcoming Event: 18 February 2018
Katusha x kring 2018 winter ride

The first KATUSHA Sports x Kring ride of 2018
We would like to welcome you in Bois de la Cambre.
The kiosk next to the water is a known meeting point in the car free park.


Ambassadors Karel & Karl-Heinz known from PedalBXL couriers will guide you for a +- 55km Social ride on Sunday. We leave at 8h00 Sharp.
We will explore the area of Zonienwoud/Genval/Tombeek/Overijse

Ending the ride we do in Staminee bij Jokke, Eizer (Overijse). We have a drink there so take a bit of coins for after. From there everybody goes back to BXL

Make shure you book your ticket on the Ticket-url to confirm registration.

Katushasports clothing can be tried out and bought in Kring Dansaert shop.

Important notes:
-We ride on public roads and show respect to other traffic and traffic rules.
-We ride 2 by 2 and always stay behind the guides.
-If anybody has a mechanical or anybody drops make sure to pass the info to the front of the group.

See you all there

New for 2018 

PedalBXL Road Bike Tours

Are you on holiday or for a long weekend in Brussels or are you here for a business trip? Would like to go cycling shortly before your meeting or before your wife wakes up but did not bother to make the whole hassle by bringing your bike with?

We have a solution for you:

Picture by Antton Miettinen